New Horizon Marble Industry


15 Years of Innovation

Best quality marbles

Best quality marbles

New Horizon Marble Industry provides custom marble tiles, raw blocks, slabs and table and kitchen tops on a world basis for more than 15 years. Our company is located right at the border of province Balochistan, which is famous for being rich in variety of minerals as well as unique and excellent marble mines.


International Clients

Internationally, Our major export destinations are Italy, Dubai and Far East. We export marble in raw block form as well as slabs and high quality finished tiles. Domestically, we are a major suppliers to wholesale, retail and commercial industry. Our company has formed joint ventures with mine owners around Pakistan to ensure that our customers get consistent and high quality marble at affordable price.


We had a wonderful experience buying from Mehran marble company. The quality was outstanding and very good. Certainly going to buy from them again as they are my seller of choice

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